Our Teeth Whitening Pen is perfect for on-the-go whitening and touch-ups—use it between your full teeth whitening treatments for maintaining your perfect smile! Results will vary.

INSTRUCTIONS: Remove cap from brush end and twist handle clockwise several times until the gel covers the brush tip. Smile wide and gently apply a thin layer of gel onto on the outward-facing surface of your visible teeth, avoiding the gums and the lips. Continue to twist pen to obtain more gel as needed until the outward-facing surface of all the visible teeth have been covered. Maintain the wide smile for 1 minute after finishing applying gel to the last tooth. Relax mouth. Spit out or rinse with water after 5 minutes. 

For best results, use the Teeth Whitening Pen with a Cheek Retractor and avoid staining foods and beverages during the entire length of treatment and for 24 hours after completion of treatment.

WARNING / AVERTISSEMENTS: Use only under the supervision of a dentist. This product is not recommended for use by children under 12 years old. Avoid gel contact with eyes, skin, gums, and/or salivary flow. Consult your oral health professional before prolonged use of this product. Do not use if pregnant or lactating or if you have gum disease or other dental conditions. Do not swallow. If irritation (such as redness, swelling, soreness) of gums or mouth occurs, discontinue use and consult an oral health professional. Discontinue use if you feel a sharp pain in a tooth that lasts more than a few seconds, and consult with your dentist immediately.